Trainorama - Extra - 2009

The Redford Model Railroad Club held its semi-annual Trainorama at the Costick Center in Farmington Hills on March 21st.  On overflowing crowd of modelers perused the wares of many fantastic VENDORS. These vendors displayed trains from T Scale to O Scale. There were great model railroad photos, accessories, model cars, etc. for rail road modelers of all ages to purchase.

Please look at all the photos. Over 20 vendors are highlighted.  Many vendors donated door prizes that were given out throughout the event!  Merri-Seven Trains donated a pair of new diesel engines!

A very special thanks goes to the Ford Model Railroad Club and the Detroit United Railroad Club.  They worked hard to get their modules together and run their trains & trolleys. Also, there was a Thomas Train running display.

Our club had four clinics - track laying, weathering, backdrops and trees. Our next Trainorama is October 4th.

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