Third Model Train Layout

In 1996 I retired from over 20 years of racing Corvettes. My son was 6 and he was wanting to get a model train for Christmas. Model trains seemed like a hobby we could both get involved in and have a lot of fun. I found an ad for the Redford Model Railroad Club in a local hobby shop. When I visited, I was impressed with what I saw and immediately joined and became active in the club. I had just recently moved into a house with a large basement and planned on building a large HO model railroad layout. I figured "what better way to build a model railroad than to practice and develop the needed skills at the club". This has worked well and I have ben able to apply this to my home layout. In addition, I enjoy the many other club activities and rail fanning. I recently added a sign to the top of my fuel truck loading facility.

My layout, although it will probably never be finished, fills the most of the 1800 sq. foot basement. It has over 1200 feet of track and wraps around the basement twice. There are 3 yards, and 10 towns. The theme of the railroad is "Steel and Automobiles". It will have a steel mill covering a 5.5 ft x 18 ft peninsula and a 22 ft long auto plant. It has nearly 40 industries that support the steel mill, auto plant and each other. The HO model railroad is basically a large industrial switching layout set in the mid to late 70's and features mostly DT&I, Chessie, Ann Arbor and D&TSL equipment. The layout is powered by both an Easy DCC system and conventional DC block control so that both DC and DCC locos can be run.

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