Chatham Model Railroad Club Visit - 2009

Our Club hosted the Chatham Model Railroad Club. This was the 51st meeting between our model railroad clubs.  The Chatham members and spouses met us at our club house.
After some fellowship, early lucheon food and some choo chooing, we hosted all the visitors to a Greenfield Village adventure.
For some reason, mot people spend a lot of time at the train roundhouse facility.  There were found a senior volunteer who discussed the fine points of long ago railroading.
Some had rides in horse draw carriages and horseless motarized contraptions. Several some the static display of the Allegany Locomotive and Tender
- a little larger that your average locomotive.
Then everyone converged oat Maxine and Bill Donlons home for more fellowship, large feast, check out his layout, gifting our guests and few words for each club president.
It was a great time with great people.

Photographers: Fred Iwata, Stuart Pollock, David Lynch, Jim Karolyi
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